Lucian Christian Hamsea

There are few artists possesing the vigor of expression that Lucian Christian Hamsea has and fewer still command both shape and color so well.

Hamsea paints and draws in ways akin to the very essence of his being, a paradoxical mix of (almost) supernatural energy and (almost) painful fragility, using strong, firm lines, alternating fluid and jaded lines that follow a path only known to him, his own Hamsean trajectory.

During all of his creative periods the artist declared himself as someone passionate about color. His colors are strong and bright, almost shamelessly audacious and light, with no inhibitions and no reservations.

Hamsea’s colors have an unexpected and harmonious melody, which allows itself to be discovered only later, after the first encounter had passed and the initial potential shock and probable aggravation receded, because the artist refuses to paint in order to be likable.

His works are indubitable battle cries, but modulated accordingly, so that behind the noise and the fury it’s still possible to hear the clear and calm childlike voice of his playful spirit.

The artist is in fact a big, kind child who imbues so much passion into his art that he dies after finishing each of his works and resurrects only to die again, time after time.

If the words ‘impressive record’ would not be so overused, it would truly fit to a tee the artistic trajectory of Lucian Christian Hamsea because his talent and creation achieved success and received numerous prestigious recognitions in not just one, but multiple cultural spaces.

Citation Cristina Simion PhD from “landmarks- Lucian Christian Hamsea”, 2018